ZWE estimates lower recycling rates for beverage cartons

Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) estimates recycling of beverage cartons for Germany, Spain, Sweden, and UK; uses EU’s updated recycling calculation methodology, finds results lower than reported previously by Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) ; ZWE recommends investment in reuse and recycling infrastructure, effective collection and sorting systems, widely recognized recyclability label

Beverage carton recycling grows in Europe

Recycling of beverage cartons in the EU reaches 48% in 2017; total recovery rate at 76%

Video of FPF Webinar on food packaging in the circular economy

Food Packaging Forum held webinar on its new study on the chemical safety of food packaging materials in the circular economy, June 26, 2018; video recording and presentation slides now available

Microplastics in mineral water

Scientists detect microplastics in mineral waters packed in plastic bottles, glass bottles, beverage cartons; highest content found in carbonated water from refillable plastic bottles; packaging is one possible contamination source