DG SANCO stakeholder meeting on FCMs

European Commission holds working group meeting on food contact materials with stakeholders from Member States, industry and public interest.

Experts declare FCM substance a likely carcinogen

US National Toxicology Panel revises draft Reports of Carcinogens, food contact substance pentachlorophenol status lowered to likely human carcinogen

MEPs criticize delay in European EDC policy

Members of European Parliament send letter criticizing slow advances on EDCs policy to European Commission president Barroso

New EU guidance on plastic migration testing forthcoming

Working group shares draft document at EU Commission’s FCM stakeholder meeting

Researchers blend renewably sourced plastic with natural biocide to create active packaging

Chitosan, polycaprolactone and wheat based polymers combine to make novel food packaging with biocidal and water scavenging properties, new research published by French researchers

EU Commission announces annual activities for food contact materials in 2013

Plans include an impact assessment for food contact materials not explicitly regulated on EU level, new migration testing guidelines, an assessment of surface biocide regulation for food contact material use and preparations of a first positive list for active and intelligent materials and as well as of further authorizations of  plastic recycling processes. Ongoing efforts are addressing the revision of the ceramics directive.