EU human biomonitoring initiative

EU initiative HBM4EU aims to coordinate and advance human biomonitoring in Europe; launch event on December 8, 2016 in Brussels

Phthalate exposure in Austrian population

Study suggests phthalate exposure decreased in previous years, concerns remain due to potential cumulative effects of phthalates and other anti-androgens

NHANES data to impact risk assessment decisions

Study evaluates use of NHANES biomarker data in chemical risk assessments, more than 100 articles that examine these data expected to be published each year

Europe: efforts towards harmonized human biomonitoring

New study reports on the first Europe-wide biomonitoring project in 17 countries

Webinar: Policy impacts of biomonitoring studies

US Association of Public Health Laboratories holds webinar on policy impacts of biomonitoring and inverse impacts of biomonitoring studies on state policy

Gold standard for detection of free BPA

New study evaluates how to avoid inadvertent contamination in serum samples for analysis of unconjugated, free BPA

Project on the European exposome

New European Human Early-Life Exposome (HELIX) project to investigate prenatal environmental exposures and biomarkers of disease and child health outcomes

Combined phthalate exposure may exceed regulatory limit

New Danish study on exposure to phthalate mixtures, combined exposure in young men may occasionally exceed safe limit

Maine, U.S. concerned over phthalates

U.S. NGO concerned over risk arising from phthalate exposure in East Coast community, 25 citizens to be biomonitored

NHANES database may underestimate consumption

New study questions validity of important biomonitoring data collection, reported caloric intake does not correspond to physiologic features