Combined phthalate exposure may exceed regulatory limit

New Danish study on exposure to phthalate mixtures, combined exposure in young men may occasionally exceed safe limit

Maine, U.S. concerned over phthalates

U.S. NGO concerned over risk arising from phthalate exposure in East Coast community, 25 citizens to be biomonitored

NHANES database may underestimate consumption

New study questions validity of important biomonitoring data collection, reported caloric intake does not correspond to physiologic features

26 FCM substances monitored under NHANES biomonitoring project

New FPF list shows NHANES substances that are legally used in food contact materials in Europe and the US

BPA in the urine of 95 % of Canadians

Health Canada publishes new biomonitoring data

U.S. TV channel reports on hormone disruptors from consumer products

NBC Dateline reporter tests herself and her young children for BPA, phthalates and triclosan exposure from food packaging and other everyday products

New study highlights limits of personal choices aimed at reducing EDC exposure, contradicts previous research

Neither expert recommendations nor dietary intervention led to significant reduction in food-packaging derived EDC body burden, reports new US study. Regulatory action is called for to ensure food safety.

Biomonitoring of melamine after plastic bowl use

Taiwanese researchers measure increased levels of melamine in people after consumption of a hot soup from melamine plastic table ware

Human biomonitoring data from Europe to be released

The European Consortium for Human Biomonitoring COPHES will release human biomonitoring data from Europe in October 2012

CDC release updated human exposure data

CDC release updated human exposure data from NHANES on food contact substances