Chemical substitutions with no regrets

US scientists discuss how “regrettable substitutions” may be avoided, intentional chemical design needed

Systematic review of BPS and BPF

In-depth review by Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) concludes that bisphenol S and bisphenol F are as hormonally active as bisphenol A

Potential cardiac toxicity of BPS

New study links bisphenol S exposure to irregular heartbeats in female rats

ChemSec opinion: BPA is far from safe

ChemSec, the International Chemical Secretariat, is concerned with the media presentation of EFSA’s recent scientific opinion on BPA

New FPF report: Study shows endocrine activity of BPA analogs

Scientists demonstrate that bisphenol F and bisphenol S exhibit almost a comparable endocrine activity as bisphenol A

BPA and its alternative BPS may cause changes in brain development

The Washington Post reports on a new study showing BPA and BPS exposure to affect neurodevelopment in embryonic zebrafish

BPA substitute disrupts heart rhythm

New study on BPS toxicity presented at Endocrine Society annual meeting; finds BPS to disrupt heart rhythm in female rats

Some BPA-free plastics are estrogenic

Mother Jones reports on new controversial scientific study comparing estrogenic activity of different BPA-free labeled plastic products

Alternatives to bisphenol A

Replacement of endocrine disrupting chemical taking place for some products, other applications face more obstacles according to a report in Nature

Replacing BPA with equally unsafe alternatives

Philadelphia newspaper reports on U.S. research efforts into BPA; adds to evidence that BPA is harmful; worrisome alternatives marketed