Guidance on multilayer films

EU reference laboratory for FCMs publishes practical guidance on the identification of the components in multilayer films used in food contact materials

Quantification of metal migration

EU reference laboratory for FCMs tests different methods for quantification of metals migrating from plastics and ceramics into acidic food simulants

Webinar on analytics for food contact materials

American Chemical Society hosts webinar on analytical methods for food contact substances on April 28, 2016

Migration from printing inks in multilayer FCMs

Scientists analyze printing inks migration in multilayer materials; use of overprint varnish or placement under PET layer decreases migration of ink components but may introduce other migrants

Print-related food contaminants

Identity and set-off assessed for print-related contaminants by three different mass spectrometry methods; most compounds show evidence for set-off

Long-term migration from PVC coating

FDA scientists question utility of long-storage migration testing conditions; find increasing migration of benzoguanamine with longer storage

Oligomers from plastic FCMs reviewed

The diversity of oligomeric migrants increases with new (co)monomer varieties used in plastic production; quantitative analysis and toxicological evaluation are challenging