Health risks of ‘BPA-free’ baby bottles

Scientists evaluate health risks of migrants from ‘BPA-free’ baby bottles made of PP, PA, PES, silicone, Tritan™, stainless steel; silicone bottle, several PP bottles of ‘high concern’; Tritan™ bottle, several more PP bottles of ‘concern’

Migration from aged polycarbonate plastics

Scientists examine influence of ageing on the migration of oligomers and coloring agents from polycarbonate tableware; higher migration of degradation products from older and damaged plastics, colorants from newer products

Chemicals of concern in the circular economy

Scientists find one-fifth of brominated flame retardants’ content in recycling streams is transferred to new products; discuss trade-offs between consumer safety and resource efficiency; European officials maintain toxics can be managed within the circular economy

Analyzing NIAS in paperboard FCMs

Scientists use effect directed analysis to detect and identify aryl hydrocarbon receptor-active substances potentially migrating from pizza box made of recycled paperboard

PAAs in colored paper napkins

Scientists analyze primary aromatic amines in colored paper napkins from Europe; find sum PAA concentrations exceeding 10 µg/L limit, carcinogenic PAAs exceeding 2 µg/L limit; red, orange, yellow, and multi-colored napkins with highest load

Long-term migration from polyester coating

Scientists analyze long-term migration from polyester can coating, find hydrolysis of oligomers after long storage; modification of testing protocols suggested

Food simulant affects nanoparticles

Scientists evaluate changes in size and dissolution of silver nanoparticles in food simulants; nanoparticles dissolve in acidic simulant but remain stable in water and alcoholic food simulant

Guidance on multilayer films

EU reference laboratory for FCMs publishes practical guidance on the identification of the components in multilayer films used in food contact materials

Quantification of metal migration

EU reference laboratory for FCMs tests different methods for quantification of metals migrating from plastics and ceramics into acidic food simulants

Webinar on analytics for food contact materials

American Chemical Society hosts webinar on analytical methods for food contact substances on April 28, 2016