Study on chemical recycling in Europe

Zero Waste Europe publishes study on information availability and current state of chemical recycling implementation in Europe; sees chemical recycling as complementary to mechanical recycling but not as ‘real solution’

Tupperware to use chemically recycled plastic

Housewares manufacturer to produce new food contact products using chemically recycled mixed plastics; reusable straw and to-go coffee cup to be made beginning this summer

Webinar on chemical recycling

Webinar hosted by PAC Packaging Consortium to feature speakers from 3 companies involved in chemical recycling of plastics

Calls to upgrade U.S. recycling system

U.S. House Committee discusses needs for improving plastic recycling in U.S.; only 9% of all plastics currently being recycled, 92% of consumers unsure or misinformed about recyclability of plastic products

Challenges and developments in plastic converter industry

Food Contact Plastics Seminar 2019 discusses use of the mutual recognition principle, improved supply chain communication, analysis of non-intentionally added substances, and regulation of recycling for plastic FCMs

Policy briefing on chemical recycling

German MEP hosts event to discuss chemical recycling; regulatory and industry experts highlight its potential for plastics, caution stakeholders regarding open uncertainties and its appropriate use to meet recycling targets