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GAIA report: ‘All talk and no recycling’

Global Initiative for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) report investigates chemical recycling projects in the US; advocates against plastic-to-fuel processes, rejects use of term ‘chemical recycling’ to describe them; American Chemistry Council (ACC) statement defends technology’s potential

Joint statement on effectively regulating chemical recycling

Non-governmental organizations including Zero Waste Europe publish 7 steps to legislate chemical recycling technology; call for harmonizing definitions, establishing methodology to calculate environmental, health, and climate impacts, limiting application to contaminated and degraded durable plastics only

GAIA: chemical recycling a distraction not solution

Alliance of non-governmental organizations Global Initiative for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) publishes technical report and research briefing on chemical recycling technologies for plastic waste; identifies limitations related to environmental emissions, carbon footprint, scale-up, economic viability; argues chemical recycling does not fit within circular economy

South Korea amending food packaging standards

Notification submitted to the World Trade Organization (WTO); notes changes planned to common manufacturing standards, allowing use of additional recycled plastic resins; comment period open until May 30, 2020

Cefic paper advocates for chemical recycling

European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) article and position paper recognize chemical recycling as complementary solution to boost plastics recycling, support circular economy; call for greater supply chain collaboration, backing from policymakers

Recent conferences on plastics recycling

Series of recent conferences on both continents focus on discussing challenges and opportunities surrounding plastics recycling, increasing recycled content in products; group of NGOs criticize Circular Plastics Alliance for overlooking hazardous chemicals; predicted lower prices of virgin PET seen as future test of commitment to set sustainability targets

Zero Waste Europe webinar on chemical recycling

Webinar on November 12, 2019, to address techniques within chemical recycling, provide comparison with mechanical recycling, review current state of the technology and existing policies; includes speakers from Plastic Energy and DG Environment

EC’s meeting with European FCM industry

EU Commission presents ongoing work in FCM field to professional associations; amendments to recycling plastics regulation and specific measure on ‘glymo’ in preparation; authorization of recycling processes expected by Q3 2020; final publication of updated EFSA opinion on phthalates in FCMs expected soon

Study on chemical recycling in Europe

Zero Waste Europe publishes study on information availability and current state of chemical recycling implementation in Europe; sees chemical recycling as complementary to mechanical recycling but not as ‘real solution’

Tupperware to use chemically recycled plastic

Housewares manufacturer to produce new food contact products using chemically recycled mixed plastics; reusable straw and to-go coffee cup to be made beginning this summer

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