EU advisory body recommends prioritizing chemicals legislation

European Economic and Social Committee publishes opinion on chemicals, products, waste in the circular economy, calls for full application of REACH and other chemicals legislation

Opinion: All SVHCs belong on Candidate List

NGO ChemSec discusses why REACH is moving too slowly and all substances meeting SVHC criteria should be added to Candidate List

UK: Most plastic food packaging unrecyclable

UK Local Government Association finds only one third of collected plastic food packaging is recyclable, calls for better packaging design, ban on low-grade plastics, greater contribution of producers to cost of collection and disposal

Kraft Heinz aims for sustainable packaging

Food and beverage company Kraft Heinz announces goal to make 100% of its packaging recyclable, reusable, compostable by 2025

Webinar on supply chain sustainability

Environmental Defense Fund+Business holds webinar on supply chain sustainability; registration now open

Consultation on chemical, product, waste legislation

EU Commission opens consultation and survey on interface between chemical, product, and waste legislation with regard to EU Plastics strategy

Life cycle analysis of marine litter

Industry-sponsored workshop brings together experts in marine biology and life cycle analysis for studying marine litter to select ‘best possible design and stewardship options’

‘High ambition alliance’ on chemicals and waste

Global framework targeting chemicals and waste recognizes urgency for political commitment

Global definition of plastics’ recyclability

Plastics recycling groups propose global definition for recyclability of plastic packaging, suggest technical recyclability, accessible and efficient recycling program, market demand for recycled materials as criteria to be fulfilled

EU environment committee votes on plastics strategy

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee supports EU Commission’s overall plans for plastics in circular economy, suggests further measures on microplastics, single-use plastics, hazardous chemicals