Flexible packaging in the circular economy

Flexible packaging value chain launches CEFLEX project, aiming to improve packaging design, increase collection and recycling

Polyolefin circular economy platform

Plastics industry launches Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform aiming to increase reuse and recycling of polyolefin products; initial focus on packaging

Nordic Council promotes sustainable plastic use

The Nordic Council of Ministers presents new program containing six strategic goals to reduce environmental impact of plastic

Target presents new sustainable packaging goals

U.S. retailer Target announces new sustainability goals for its own-brand packaging, pledges efforts to improve recycling and increase demand for recycled packaging

Toxic chemicals in articles made from recycled plastics

Article in The Guardian discusses contamination of children’s toys made from recycled materials with hazardous flame retardants; environmental organizations call for government action

Forums on sustainability of plastics

Plasticity Forums to discuss sustainable end-of-life solutions for plastics on April 21 and May 9, 2017 in Texas and California, respectively; registration available online

Circular economy without hazardous chemicals

Opinion article discusses importance of ingredient transparency for safe consumer products in the circular economy; calls on European Commission to provide effective legal requirements

Video on sorting of post-consumer plastics

EU research project Polymark releases video presenting its new technology enabling identification and sorting of plastic packaging and consequently improving plastic recycling

Opportunities for chemical industry in circular economy

New report describes how the EU chemical industry can move towards a circular economy; estimates growth potential of 26%, reduction of energy consumption by 37%

Sustainable packaging: Experts discuss strategies

SOLPACK 2.0 informs about recycling issues, bio-based and biodegradable materials, as well as alternative fiber-based packaging materials