Guide for circular design

Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDEO release Circular Design Guide providing design methods in line with circular economy concepts

Strategies for a new plastics economy

New Plastics Economy initiative launches new report at World Economic Forum and presents 3 strategies for a more sustainable plastic packaging market: redesign & innovation, reuse, and recycling

Plastics recycling show rescheduled

Plastic Recyclers Europe hosts the “Plastics Recycling Show” exhibition and conference on March 29-30, 2017 in Amsterdam

EEB conference 2016 report

European Environmental Bureau publishes proceedings of its 2016 annual conference; sessions addressed policy needs in circular economy and sustainability, climate and energy, and biodiversity

P&P: Plastics track

Plastics track of Smithers Pira 2016 conference “Plastics & Paper in contact with foodstuffs” covers developments in sorting and recycling techniques, bioplastics, migration analysis, risk assessment of NIAS, and FCM packaging compliance

Circular economy – more than recycling?

International Packaging Institute hosts meeting on the circular economy; recycling rates, waste collection, eco-balances, food waste discussed

Protection of food versus ecology of packaging

Experts discuss controversial functions and impacts of packaging materials at a meeting of the Swiss Packaging Institute

FPF Workshop 2016: Circular economy challenges for FCMs

Podium discussion at Food Packaging Forum 2016 workshop highlights recycling, reuse and waste collection opportunities and challenges for food packaging in the circular economy

Walmart: Sustainable packaging playbook

U.S. retailer Walmart publishes Sustainable Packaging Playbook for its suppliers; highlights the need to innovate and to optimize design, source sustainably, and support recycling

Packaging: Food waste vs. plastic waste

C&EN presents the debate on the costs of food packaging made of flexible plastics and multilayered structures: Less food waste and economic benefits vs. more difficult recycling and negative environmental impacts