The future of the PET industry

Petcore Europe annual conference looks at opportunities and challenges for PET in the circular economy; conference proceedings now available

Workshop and webinar on Polymark project

EU research project Polymark presents new polymer sorting technology in workshop to take place on March 15, 2017 in Brussels

Eating fish that eat plastic

Article in The Guardian provides extensive summary on plastic ocean pollution, microplastic contamination of seafood, implications for human health, and ways forward

EU environment committee adopts waste legislation

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee amends legislative package on waste management; sets 80% target for recycling and reusing packaging waste for 2030

EC: Strategy on plastics in circular economy

EU commission publishes roadmap for strategy on plastics in a circular economy; aims to decouple plastics production from fossil fuels, boost recycling and reuse, and reduce leakage into the environment

Vote on EU waste management legislation

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee votes on legislative package including directive on packaging and packaging waste; European Container Glass Federation recommends equal rules and principles for all packaging materials

Guide for circular design

Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDEO release Circular Design Guide providing design methods in line with circular economy concepts

Strategies for a new plastics economy

New Plastics Economy initiative launches new report at World Economic Forum and presents 3 strategies for a more sustainable plastic packaging market: redesign & innovation, reuse, and recycling

Plastics recycling show rescheduled

Plastic Recyclers Europe hosts the “Plastics Recycling Show” exhibition and conference on March 29-30, 2017 in Amsterdam

EEB conference 2016 report

European Environmental Bureau publishes proceedings of its 2016 annual conference; sessions addressed policy needs in circular economy and sustainability, climate and energy, and biodiversity