FCM policy briefing: CHEM Trust

Non-profit organization CHEM Trust releases policy briefing on regulation of FCMs in the EU; recommends better integration with REACH and reduction of chemicals of concern

Plastics and circular economy

New report by the Ellen McArthur Foundation presents strategies to achieve a more sustainable plastics economy

Opportunities for plastic FCM manufacturers

Plastic food contact industry meets to discuss plastics recycling, NIAS, risk assessment and chemicals of concern in FCMs

EU: New Circular Economy Package

European Commission adopts new Circular Economy Package; strategy on plastic recyclability, biodegradability, and presence of hazardous chemicals proposed

European Parliament against recycling of DEHP

European Parliament passes non-binding resolution banning the recycling of plastics containing phthalate DEHP

Healthy ingredients for a circular economy

European Bioplastics hosts 10th annual conference in Berlin, Germany; circular economy, materials and products, as well as sustainable land use discussed