EU report on plastics innovations

EU Commission’s Directorate-General on Research and Innovation releases report on circular economy for plastics, summarizing research and innovation developments to provide reference information for future policy and funding decisions

Ubuntoo to connect changemakers

New digital platform Ubuntoo aims to promote innovative solutions to ending plastic pollution, seeks to connect ‘changemakers’ working on the issue around the world

Enzymatic recycling of PET

CARBIOS announces development of PET bottle made from ‘100% purified terephthalic acid’ obtained by ‘enzymatic biorecycling’ of mixed PET plastic waste, though challenges still remain to produce recycled resin fully comparable to virgin PET

NGO warns of toxics in circular economy

Environmental Defense Fund commends recent efforts to advance plastics towards a circular economy, highlights toxic chemicals in virgin plastics as overlooked gap

Plastic packaging in circular economy

Article in Food Safety Magazine reviews circular economy challenges related to plastic packaging, summarizes government and industry statements and perspectives

UK to “overhaul” its waste system

UK government announces plans to make major changes to waste system; considers introducing extended producer responsibility, plastic tax, defined materials for recycling, deposit return scheme

Circular packaging design guidelines

FH Campus Wien publishes guidelines for design of packaging within the circular economy

National Geographic’s packaging challenge

“Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge” to reward innovations in food packaging, focus on using easily recycled materials without additives; submissions due June 2019

Investments needed for circular economy

Director of European Chemicals Agency says circular economy will take decades to achieve, heavy investments needed to boost innovation

74% of glass packaging recycled in the EU

Recycling statistics from 2016 confirm recycling rate of glass packaging in the EU stably at 74%; the figure is ‘set to rise’ following recent investments, FEVE says