Tanzania proposes heavy metal limits in FCMs

Tanzania’s Bureau of Standards proposes limits for heavy metals, total aromatic amines in food contact materials (FCMs); notifies World Trade Organization (WTO) of positive list for colorants and dyes; adoption set for July 2021, becomes effective January 2022

BfR warns against contaminants from azo dyes in FCMs

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment measures migration of 4 chemicals associated with azo dyes in paper food contact materials; finds migration levels to exceed estimated safe intake levels; recommends materials containing the substances be avoided until more toxicity data available

Cadmium in decorated glassware

Review of cadmium pigments in consumer products; food-contact relevant sources include small quantities in recycled plastics, high use in ceramic products, main exposure risk from decorative paint used on drinkware

Metals in paints on chopsticks

Scientists investigate metals in paints on chopsticks; total concentrations variable with some high values reported, resulting in ‘unacceptable’ health risks for exposure due to incidental paint ingestion or metal migration into food

Microplastic and pigment particles in water

Scientists detect thousands of small particles of microplastics, pigments, additives in bottled mineral water; higher particle content in reusable paper-labeled bottles; printing inks on labels identified as novel contamination source