FCM press release: Health and Environment Alliance

Non-profit organization HEAL publishes press release on regulation of FCMs in the EU; highlights necessity of regulating all types of FCMs and prohibiting use of SVHCs and EDCs

FCM policy briefing: CHEM Trust

Non-profit organization CHEM Trust releases policy briefing on regulation of FCMs in the EU; recommends better integration with REACH and reduction of chemicals of concern

EU EDC screening list

European Commission publishes list of substances subject to EDC screening including rationales for selection; screening results expected by April 2016

Disagreement over BPA

No consensus between industry and NGOs regarding EU-wide measures to regulate and restrict BPA in FCMs

DG SANTE updates website

DG SANTE shares information on its ‘Technical expert group on food contact materials’

EC publishes BPA roadmap

DG SANTE releases roadmap on new measures on BPA in FCMs; different options from no policy change to EU-wide ban on BPA in FCMs discussed and assessed

EU Parliament interested in FCMs

Seminar held at European Parliament outlines regulation, challenges for FCMs; different stakeholders highlight need for updating existing regulation, requirement for new legislation

Methodology for EU EDC screening

European Commission Joint Research Centre presents chemical screening methodology for the impact assessment on criteria to identify endocrine disruptors

Harmonizing FCM regulation

Conclusions of Luxembourg conference on FCMs published; harmonization of FCM regulation at EU level desired, improvement of risk assessments and declarations of compliance needed

Simplified FCM regulation wanted

FCM experts and stakeholders gather in EU Member State Luxembourg to discuss innovation, regulatory requirements, risk assessment, and enforcement of food contact materials regulation; call for harmonized approaches and collaboration