EU roadmap for EDCs

European Commission publishes roadmap draft, details options for regulation of endocrine disrupting chemicals used in biocidal and plant protection products

Scientific opinion on nanosilver

DG SANCO publishes final opinion on nanosilver’s safety, health and environmental effects, human exposure acknowledged, knowledge gaps concerning health effects prevail

DG SANCO stakeholder meeting on FCMs

European Commission invites food contact material stakeholders to discuss recycling processes, migration test guidelines and CoE resolutions

DG SANCO stakeholder meeting on FCMs

European Commission holds working group meeting on food contact materials with stakeholders from Member States, industry and public interest.

EU plastic guidance

DG Sanco publishes plastic guidance document in support of EC 10/2011

DG SANCO reveals plans for 2014

European Commission working group on food contact materials held meeting in Brussels, new regulation for ceramics expected in 2015, guidance for Declaration of Compliance now available

New FCM database linked to toxicity data

EC meets FCM stakeholders: new Council of Europe list of FCM substances, web application to facilitate DoC reporting

European Commission to ban parabens from cosmetics

EU public consultation on butyl- and propylparaben in cosmetics closes, five other parabens also used in FCMs to be banned

New regulation on ceramics postponed

European Commission’s DG SANCO meets with food contact materials stakeholder group, discusses current issues

New EU guidance on plastic migration testing forthcoming

Working group shares draft document at EU Commission’s FCM stakeholder meeting