Opinion: EU nano-observatory not ideal

European Trade Union Institute considers EU nanomaterial observatory insufficient monitoring tool, makes recommendations for improvement

BfR supports work on EDC guidance document

German Institute for Risk Assessment makes recommendations on methods to identify endocrine disruptors, supports EFSA and ECHA in developing guidance to implement EDC criteria

EU Member States to evaluate 107 chemicals of concern

ECHA releases list of substances to be evaluated by Member States in 2018-2020; potential endocrine disruptors and substances relevant for FCMs included

Regulating persistent and mobile chemicals

German Environment Agency proposes criteria for persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT) chemicals in the water cycle

ECHA mobilizes stakeholders to promote substitution

ECHA plans workshops and network for supply chain to discuss and advance substitution of hazardous chemicals

Call for more transparent chemical assessments

3 EU Member States request more transparency in industry studies as well as resources for ECHA and EFSA to undertake independent studies in case of inconsistencies

ECHA approves five uses for biocides

Biocidal Products Committee of ECHA adopts 10 opinions on applications for approval of 3 biocides; PHMB may be approved for food and feed

Public consultation on 9 new SVHCs

ECHA opens public consultation on proposals for 9 substances of very high concern, including BPA as environmental endocrine disruptor; deadline for comments is October 20, 2017

EU assesses chemicals of potential concern

European Member States assess risk management options for BPA and other substances relevant for food contact materials

REACH workshop on environmental EDCs

ECHA holds workshop discussing the authorization process for environmental endocrine disruptors under REACH on August 22, 2017 in Brussels; registration open until August 2, 2017