Update: BPA proposed as SVHC

France plans two-step submission of proposals to classify BPA as a substance of very high concern; carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxic potential to be addressed by August 2016; endocrine disrupting properties to follow in February 2017

REACH: Completeness of registration dossiers

ECHA commits to reevaluating the completeness of REACH substance registrations following a Board of Appeal ruling finding that ECHA has previously failed to adequately do so

Grouping of nanoforms

ECHA, JRC and RIVM release guidance report on nanoform grouping in harzard assessment; recommend minimizing toxicological testing

ECHA: SVHC roadmap progress report

ECHA reports on activities to identify substances of very high concern in 2015; focus on endocrine disrupting chemicals

Landmark ruling on REACH registration process

ECHA board of appeal decides that agency has failed to sufficiently check the completeness of a substance dossier before handing out a registration number

France: BPA proposed as SVHC

France declares intention of proposing BPA as a substance of very high concern by August 2016

ECHA 2015 REACH evaluation report

ECHA reports on evaluation activities in 2015; finds data gaps for the majority of evaluated substances of high concern; encourages registrants to update their dossiers

Access to information on chemicals

ECHA launches new portal on its website making available information on 120,000 chemicals

EU court ruling on SVHCs in articles

European Court of Justice ruling requires notification of every article incorporated in a complex product when containing SVHCs above 0.1%; ECHA updates guidance

ECHA: 5 new SVHCs

New additions to Candidate List of substances of very high concern; UV-filters and perfluorinated compound among candidates