Annie’s to eliminate phthalates from processing equipment, packaging

Annie’s Homegrown tells stakeholders it is working to eliminate all ortho-phthalates present in food processing equipment and packaging; announces its product phthalate levels are below European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) limits; identifies phthalates issue as widespread, complex, affecting whole supply chain

FPF comments on EFSA’s non-monotonic dose response opinion

Scientific Committee’s Scientific Opinion fails to deliver on European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) commitment to scientific excellence and transparency; Food Packaging Forum (FPF) sends open letter to EFSA’s leadership urging them to address severe shortcomings in content and process; adequate scientific appraisal of non-monotonic dose response (NMDR) is critical for chemical risk assessment that protects public health

EFSA working group updates in August through October 2020

Minutes from recent meetings of the EFSA CEP panel and working groups on BPA, FCMs, and phthalates published; groups continue discussions and revisions of draft opinions

EFSA extends information call for two plastic FCM additives

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) extends information submission deadline on two amines approved as additives in plastic food contact materials (FCMs); information on FCM No. 19 and 20 due by December 31, 2020

FPF Workshop 2020: Proceedings available

8th annual Food Packaging Forum workshop focuses on linking policy-making with scientific research to improve the safety of food contact materials; video recordings, presentation slides, and summary articles now available online

FPF Workshop 2020: Scientific research and policy making

Six speakers share their views on how to improve food contact material (FCM) safety; different approaches might complement one another; linking scientific research, policy making and industry initiatives could be the key to safe FCMs

EFSA guidance on epidemiological evidence use

Draft Scientific Opinion published by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on how to appraise and use human health studies for EFSA’s scientific assessments; initially intended for internal use for testing, public consultation planned for later date

EFSA supports research on AOPs

Call for research proposals on adverse outcome pathways identifying new endocrine disrupting chemicals research, focus on uterine adenocarcinoma; proposals to be submitted to European Food Safety Authority until September 14, 2020

EFSA working group updates in May, June, and July 2020

Minutes from recent meetings of the EFSA CEP panel and working groups on BPA, FCMs, and recycling plastics published; scientific opinions on benzophenone‐3,3′,4,4′‐tetracarboxylic dianhydride (BDTA), multiple recycling processes published

EFSA prioritizes substances for setting SMLs

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) panel publishes scientific opinion prioritizing 451 substances for creation of specific migration limits (SMLs) for plastic food contact materials; the 3 identified high priority substances are salicylic acid, styrene, and vinyl laurate