EFSA conference 2018: Engaging society

Presentations at EFSA conference 2018 address current challenges in societal engagement, inequalities limiting participation of citizens and NGOs in science and regulation in the EU

EFSA conference 2018: Human health

Presentations at EFSA conference 2018 address advances and challenges in human health risk assessment; NTP official confirms that there will be a third CLARITY-BPA report integrating academic and regulatory studies

EFSA conference 2018: Values in risk assessment

Opening session at EFSA conference 2018 addresses recognition and management of values in risk assessment and decision making, discusses factors important for fit-for-purpose risk assessment

EFSA: Update on BPA reassessment

New working group of EFSA’s CEP Panel to commence evaluation of BPA hazard studies in September 2018; finalization of new BPA hazard assessment foreseen for 2020

EU authorization of PET recycling for FCMs coming soon

Euractiv article discusses imminent authorization of plastic recycling processes for food contact by EU Commission; concerns about chemical contamination and migration remain; adoption foreseen by end of 2018

EFSA evaluates ‘General Plastic’ recycling process

EFSA’s CEP Panel considers PET made from recycling process ‘General Plastic’ safe for use in food contact articles for all types of foodstuffs under certain conditions

CEP Panel: 1st plenary meeting

EFSA’s newly formed CEP Panel held 1st plenary meeting, July 4-5, 2018; working groups established; ongoing mandates and PET recycling process discussed

EFSA assesses ‘Linpac’ recycling process

EFSA’s CEF Panel considers PET made from recycling process ‘Linpac’ safe for use in food contact articles for all types of foodstuffs, except packaged water, under certain conditions

Transparency and sustainability of EU risk assessment

EU Parliament publishes draft report on proposal by the EU Commission, suggests withholding supporting information until publication of scientific opinion

Outcome of consultations on EDC guidance

European Food Safety Agency publishes technical report detailing outcome of several consultations on its Guidance for identification of endocrine disruptors