Pesticides found in food also used as food contact sanitizers

EFSA publishes evaluation of monitoring data on residues of two pesticides, finds levels significantly above the Maximum Residue Levels

EFSA conference on transparency in risk assessment

EFSA invited stakeholders to discuss transparency and open access data in risk assessment

EFSA video on food contact materials

Public outreach series on risk assessment, EFSA publishes new video about food packaging 

EFSA head of packaging unit confirmed as speaker

TTC workshop coming up, updated speaker line-up includes Claudia Heppner, EFSA, and Olwenn Martin, Brunel University

EFSA identifies gaps in risk assessment guidance

Scientific Committee recommends new EFSA guidance on the use of the weight of evidence approach and biological relevance in toxicology

EFSA: Chemical mixtures, a priority for risk assessment

EFSA publishes review on international frameworks for assessing chemical mixtures, makes effort to harmonize mixture risk assessments

EFSA to extend adoption of BPA scientific opinion once more

EFSA introduces two-stage public consultation delaying the adoption of the scientific opinion on BPA until 2014; exposure and hazard assessments to be split in two

EFSA considers co-monomer as safe for food contact

EFSA publishes scientific opinion on 1,4:3,6-dianhydrosorbitol

EFSA finds polymeric active substance safe for food contact

EFSA evaluates new active substance as liquid absorber in food packaging

Sodium carbonate peroxhydrate based active substance allowed for FCM

EFSA considers another active substance safe for food packaging, but not in direct contact with food