EFSA considers co-monomer as safe for food contact

EFSA publishes scientific opinion on 1,4:3,6-dianhydrosorbitol

EFSA finds polymeric active substance safe for food contact

EFSA evaluates new active substance as liquid absorber in food packaging

Sodium carbonate peroxhydrate based active substance allowed for FCM

EFSA considers another active substance safe for food packaging, but not in direct contact with food

EFSA reviews phenol and lowers TDI

EFSA asks European Commission to consider multiple routes of exposure when setting limit for phenols in food contact materials

EFSA authorizes iron-based oxygen absorbers for food contact

European Food Safety Authority publishes scientific opinion on oxygen scavenging active packaging material

PP and HDPE recycling processes assessed

EFSA authorizes another process to recycle PP and HDPE crates for food contact use

New experts for CEF panel

EFSA seeks new experts for the Scientific Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids

Plastic recycling of single use crates

EFSA authorizes CO.N.I.P recycling process for PP and HDPE crates intended for whole fruits and vegetables

Two active substances authorized for food contact

EFSA authorizes citric acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate as carbon dioxide generators in food packaging

BPA exposure is harmful

ANSES report opposes scientific opinion by EFSA