EFSA authorizes another PET recycling process

EFSA approves Cumapol PET post-consumer recycling process for food contact

Opinion: EFSA does not consult industry sufficiently on food contact materials

The active and intelligent packaging industry is concerned that a European positive list will be published without industry consultation

NGO criticizes EFSA opinion on EDCs

PAN Europe submits an open letter to the Commissioner Borg criticizing EFSA’s endocrine active substance definition

Extended timeline: EFSA to publish BPA report in November

EFSA publicly consult on the scientific opinion on BPA in July, before publishing the final version in November

EFSA: Scientific Committee meets to discuss endocrine disruption

EFSA’s Scientific Committee will discuss endocrine disruption and chemical mixtures during its plenary session

EFSA publishes report of member state meeting on BPA

EFSA made a full report of the EU Member State meeting on BPA in October available online

EFSA authorizes six PET recycling processes for up to 100 % use in food contact materials

EFSA authorized PET recycling processes based on the STARLINGER IV+ technology and the “RPET Nosinyec process”

EFSA unites scientists to discuss risk assessment of food contact materials

On the 7 and 8 November scientists meet to debate latest developments in the methods of risk assessment in the area of food contact materials

EFSA meets national experts on Bisphenol A

EFSA met experts from member states to  listen to recent scientific work on the risk assessment of Bisphenol A in the areas of human exposures, BPA levels in food, analytical methods and toxicity