BfR suggests a three step procedure for evaluating EDCs

BfR publishes a proposal for the evaluation of endocrine disrupting chemicals based on hazard identification, hazard characterization and subsequent regulator decision making

EFSA publishes EDC report

EFSA suggests risk assessment for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and raises criticisms from NGOs and industry

European Parliament adopts report on endocrine disruptors

Report sends clear message to the European Commission to act on endocrine disrupting chemicals

American Chemistry Council criticizes data evaluation method of UN EDC report

American Chemistry Council agrees with need of further EDC research, but criticizes the data evaluation method of the report on EDCs by the UNEP and WHO

Breaking News: WHO and UNEP publish EDC report

WHO and UNEP State of the Science report calls uncertainties and knowledge gaps on EDCs too important to ignore, better testing methods and more comprehensive research required

What are the reasons for declining fertility in men?

French study finds declining fertility amongst French men since the 1990s, researchers speculate about the reasons

Safety concerns regarding triclosan persist

Regulatory safety evaluation of triclosan comes under critique as FDA review is delayed

EFSA: Scientific Committee meets to discuss endocrine disruption

EFSA’s Scientific Committee will discuss endocrine disruption and chemical mixtures during its plenary session

European Parliament sends clear message to European Commission to act on EDCs

ENVI Committee of the European Parliament adopts DRAFT report on endocrine disruptors

New York Times: Endocrine Disruptors, the culprits of increasing obesity rates

The New York Times publishes an article discussing the role of endocrine disruptors in increasing obesity rates around the world