Reverse causation bias in PFOA studies

Scientists suggest increased perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) blood levels are consequence of early menopause and kidney disease, not cause

Health effects: How to identify causation?

Royal Society of Medicine hosts anniversary workshop on milestone work for environmental epidemiology by researcher Bradford Hill; commemorates his 1965 lecture ‘Environment and disease: Association or causation?’

Chemicals and global burden of disease

International scientists review early-life environmental contributions to disease, identify chemical exposure as leading factor to be considered, discuss challenges, outlook

EFSA: New guidance for priority topics

EFSA’s Scientific Committee identifies priority topics requiring new guidance such as interpretation of epidemiological studies, chemical mixtures, and nanotechnologies

Epidemiology of mixtures: Xenoestrogens and breast cancer

Scientists find strong association between breast cancer risk and total burden of xenoestrogens; in contrast, individual compounds show only weak associations, if any

Tackling chemical mixtures

EFSA and RIVM host symposium on health risks of chemicals mixtures; present European and international research projects taking on the subject

Environmental chemicals and child health

Scientists review epidemiological evidence on associations between environmental pollutants and child health; find ‘moderate’ evidence for perfluorooctanoate and reduced fetal growth; literature on bisphenol A and phthalates ‘inconsistent’

Diabetes: 422 million cases worldwide

Diabetes prevalence has increased worldwide between 1980 and 2014, according to new WHO study; article discusses range of chemicals potentially linked to diabetes and obesity

Obesogenic chemicals should be avoided

Exposure to obesogens during early life predisposes for life-long obesity and associated diseases; scientists call on doctors to inform patients on the risks and mitigation measures

Opinion: Public health revolution needed

New York Times article discusses exposure to toxic chemicals and long term health effects; calls for public health revolution to prevent further spread of preventable chronic diseases