Children’s BPA levels higher in summer, among African Americans and at lower age

First study to investigate BPA levels in US minorities and link with phthalate-exposure

Epidemiological study links BPA to childhood asthma, but cannot confirm earlier findings

New study finds postnatal BPA exposure to be positively and prenatal exposure to be negatively associated with risk of wheezing in children

New study highlights limits of personal choices aimed at reducing EDC exposure, contradicts previous research

Neither expert recommendations nor dietary intervention led to significant reduction in food-packaging derived EDC body burden, reports new US study. Regulatory action is called for to ensure food safety.

Post- and prenatal BPA exposure associated with BMI

CHAMACOS study links prenatal BPA exposure to lowered BMI and postnatal BPA exposure to increased BMI

New study finds US baby boomers unhealthier than previous generation

Baby boomer generation found to suffer more from chronic disease, and have lower self-rated health despite improved health care and longer life expectancy

Nature: Linking obesity and Bisphenol A

Researcher reviews in the scientific journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology evidence of Bisphenol A causing obesity in children and adolescents .

Prenatal cadmium levels associated with lower IQ in children

Cohort study in rural Bangladesh finds that maternal cadmium levels are linked to IQ in 5-year-olds.