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Epigenetic effects measured in great granddaughters

Female rats with ancestral exposure to EDC are vulnerable to stress

How mothers’ environment affects grandchildren

New study observes disease inheritance across generations, but finds epigenetic changes not to persist

Phthalates and male fertility

Father’s chemical exposures come under scrutiny in new epigenetic research project

PPTOX conference

Conference on environmental stressors in disease and human health implications to take place in October 2014

EDC’s role in autism

New study searches for links between EDCs and autism; finds association between PFOA and the disease

Project on the European exposome

New European Human Early-Life Exposome (HELIX) project to investigate prenatal environmental exposures and biomarkers of disease and child health outcomes

How chemical exposures affect great-grandchildren

Magazine reports on transgenerational epigenetic effects, reviews work of leading expert and implications for chemical risk assessment

Transgenerational effects and EDCs

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on transgenerational effects of EDCs, new NIEHS research to investigate mechanisms and number of chemicals involved

New study: Chronic diseases caused by chemical exposures in great-grandmothers

Epigenetic mechanisms thought to be responsible for health effects in rat offspring after great-grandmothers were exposed to a chemical mixture during pregnancy

NY Times on EDCs

Op-ed in NY Times calls for more regulation of EDCs, discusses new research on epigenetic transgenerational effects of BPA.

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