Polyester monomers shown not to produce hormonal activity

New study evaluates the androgenic and estrogenic potential of polyester monomers

BPA feminizes turtles

New study finds BPA to affect turtle’s sexual differentiation, may indicate similar potential effects in humans


BPA substitute disrupts heart rhythm

New study on BPS toxicity presented at Endocrine Society annual meeting; finds BPS to disrupt heart rhythm in female rats

Some BPA-free plastics are estrogenic

Mother Jones reports on new controversial scientific study comparing estrogenic activity of different BPA-free labeled plastic products

Tritan® case continued: Bittner appeals

Magazine reports new details of Eastman Chemical vs. PlastiPure and CertiChem case, compares chemical industry tactics to big tobacco

Chemical co-exposure increases cancer risk

Epoch Times reports on a study showing interactive toxic effect of arsenic and environmental estrogens, co-exposure increases cancer risks compared to single chemical exposure

New FPF Report: Assessing estrogen activity in plastic FCM

New study shows lower estrogen activity in plastic food contact materials

New study identifies candidates for hormonal activity in bottled waters

Antiestrogenic substance di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate identified in retail samples, origin of contamination remains unclear

BPA feminizes digit ratios in rats

New study finds BPA to feminize male rat offspring, rat paws a promising biomarker for the study of EDCs

Eastman wins lawsuit over food contact substance

Austin jury finds laboratories claiming that Tritan® is estrogenically active guilty of waging unfair competition