EDC criteria and trade implications

EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis meets with ambassadors from North and South America, asserts that EU EDC criteria will address concerns over possible trade restrictions

Revised EDC criteria and next meeting

DG SANTE publishes latest version of revised draft EDC criteria; next meeting with experts and Member States to be held on December 21, 2016

EU plans to regulate printed FCMs

European Commission communicates intention to introduce EU-wide regulation on printing inks in food contact materials; evaluation of EU FCM framework regulation planned for 2017; study on non-harmonized FCMs to be published by the end of 2016

EDC and climate scientists join forces

In a commentary by Le Monde, endocrine and climate scientists call for effective and coordinated action on exposure to endocrine disruptors and climate change

EFSA, ECHA and JRC develop EDC guidance

The European Food Safety Authority and the European Chemicals Agency, together with the EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre, work on guidance for implementing the Commission’s proposed EDC criteria

The hidden politics of EDCs?

Series of articles by Le Monde question scientific soundness and law abidance of EU Commission’s proposal for EDC criteria, highlight influence of the U.S. on EU regulation of endocrine disruptors

Hazard- vs. risk-based chemicals management

Hazard-based approaches are criticized and risk-based management of chemicals is pushed for in Europe; doing so would weaken the protection of public health, International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec) explains

Harmonized legislation for glass packaging

European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) calls upon the European Commission to develop harmonized legislation for glass as food packaging material

EDC criteria: Update and next steps

EU Member States ‘not ready to vote’ on EDC criteria; deputy director-general of Commission’s DG SANTE to meet Parliament’s Environment Committee next week; Parliament to vote on EDC criteria in three months

Opinion: EDC regulation must follow science

Nature commentary by Leonardo Trasande summarizes science on endocrine disruptors; calls on European Parliament to adopt science-based criteria for identification of EDCs to protect human health