NGO: Incinerators challenge waste management

European Environmental Bureau reports on high per capita waste generation, funding of incinerators inhibiting waste prevention and recycling

EU considers new calculation rules

New calculation methodology for recycling under discussion by EU; could impact actual recycling rates in meeting set 2030 targets

Ecolabel criteria for chemicals in paper products

EU Commission issues decision banning SVHCs, metal-based pigments, and dyes in EU Ecolabel graphic and tissue paper products

EU food safety model audited

Audit report of EU food safety model finds it ‘overstretched’; recommends more consistency across member states and collaboration with private sector

12th amendment to EU plastic FCM regulation

EU Regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food amended; changes made to include three new substances and modify use and migration limits

EU statement on emerging health issues

EU Commission’s Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks publishes statement and position paper on emerging health and environmental issues

EU agreement on single-use plastics

EU Council and Parliament provisionally agree on new Directive restricting several single-use plastic products, including cutlery, plates, straws, certain food and beverage containers

EU Commission restricts four phthalates

EU Commission adopts decision to restrict DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP in consumer products on EU market; food contact materials not covered

ECHA: 2nd consultation on phthalates’ authorization

ECHA consults on uses of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DIBP which may no longer be exempted from authorization, including FCM uses; deadline for comments March 12, 2019

Delay of EU non-toxic environment strategy

Finalization of the EU’s non-toxic environment strategy shifted into 2019 after new European Commission in office