Danish environment minister comments on EDC criteria

Esben Lunde Larsen appreciates effort, but criticizes outcome of EC’s criteria on endocrine disrupting chemicals; proposes two category approach identifying confirmed and suspected EDCs

Germany rejects EU recycling targets

EU recycling targets for municipal waste under discussion; Germany proposes new calculation method and data collection before introducing targets under the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy

EC: Upcoming discussions on EDC criteria

Pesticides and Biocides Committees of the European Commission are to discuss the EDC criteria proposal this week

Opinion: EDC criteria and potency

Scientists for Scientific European Commission Regulation publish opinion on the European Commission’s criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); call for potency to be an aspect of regulatory EDC identification in line with industry views but not supported by the Endocrine Society

EU Commission’s Working Group on FCMs

EU Working Group on FCMs discusses BPA, amendments to EU 10/2011, mineral oil migration, authorization of recycling processes, migration testing guidelines

Meetings of EU technical expert group for FCMs

DG SANTE’s technical expert group for FCMs discusses amendment of plastic FCM regulation and authorization of recycling processes during meeting in April 2016; next meeting to be held on September 9, 2016

EU food alert system annual report 2015

Rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF) 2015 annual report published; 152 notifications for food contact materials; migration of chromium most notified issue

Amendment to EU plastic FCM regulation

European Commission publishes 6th amendment to plastic FCM regulation; changes for 6 substances and inclusion of 10 new substances in Union List; new specific migration limits for aluminum and zinc; food simulants and compliance testing specified

EURL-FCM annual report 2015

EU reference laboratory for FCMs publishes annual report 2015; delivered methods and guidance for composition and migration testing of FCMs

Potency missing in EDC criteria

European Chemical Industry Council responds to EU Commission’s public consultation of EDC criteria; supports use of WHO/IPCS definition but urges Commission to include potency