Harmonizing ECHA and EFSA data

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee launches working group on harmonization of safety data held by EU chemicals, food safety and medicines agencies

EU environment committee supports draft BPA regulation

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee votes in favor of EU Commission’s draft regulation on bisphenol A in food contact materials

EU legislation on waste

Council of the European Union and EU Parliament provisionally agree on EU Commission’s proposals for revision of EU waste legislation; introduce new binding targets for packaging waste recycling, define requirements for extended producer responsibility

DCHP and TMA identified as SVHCs

EU REACH Committee classifies dicyclohexyl phthalate and trimellitic anhydride as substances of very high concern; both substances relevant for food contact

EU Member States adopt revised EDC criteria for pesticides

Member States vote in favor of EU Commission’s new proposal for criteria to identify endocrine disrupting pesticides; exemption for substances with intentional endocrine activity removed; NGOs criticize remaining high burden of proof

Discussing FCM regulation in the EU

Speakers at 2017 Smithers Pira “Plastics & Paper” conference summarize recent developments in EU FCM regulation landscape, discuss EU Commission’s proposal for printed FCMs

Update: EDC criteria and guidance document

EU Commission publishes regulation on EDC criteria for biocides, to be applied from June 7, 2018; draft guidance to implement EDC criteria expected in early December 2017

Opinion: EU Commission’s secrecy on FCMs

Non-profit organization CHEM Trust criticizes EU Commission’s “secretive and industry-focused” approach to regulating food contact materials, requests more transparency and involvement of public interest groups

FCMs topic at EU parliamentary committee

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee exchanges views with the EU Commission on the regulation of food contact materials, requests quicker results and urges for more transparency

Legal options for EDC criteria

Several options exist for EU Commission’s next actions on EDC criteria for pesticides; legal experts see responding to EP’s objection concerning exemption for pesticides with intended endocrine mode of action as the quickest way forward