Adverse health effects of low-dose mixtures

Scientists evaluate health effects of a mixture of 27 environmental chemicals in rats exposed to low concentrations comparable to current human exposure levels; find effects on weight, histology, gene expression in the liver, and metabolome of blood plasma

Exposure to phthalates from fast food

People eating fast food have higher urinary phthalate levels, U.S. study finds; association most pronounced among non-hispanic black consumers, suggesting environmental injustice

Report on chemicals in food packaging

U.S. groups Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund publish report on food packaging chemicals; address health hazards and regulatory failures; call for greater transparency to drive changes in the Californian market place

Summary on estrogenic chemicals and reproductive health

PLOS Biology article highlights reproductive health impacts of estrogenic chemicals such as bisphenol A, its analogues, and phthalates

Lists of potential EDCs

International Panel on Chemical Pollution publishes first draft report on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), compiling lists of chemicals recognized or suggested as EDCs; comments can be submitted until September 15, 2016

Carcinogenesis by low-dose chemical mixtures: way forward

Scientists summarize the knowledge on the combined contribution of low-dose chemical exposures to carcinogenesis, identify research gaps, recommend novel methodologies for research and risk assessment

Chemicals leach from microplastics into fish

New study shows that chemical pollutants sorbed to microplastics accumulate in fish after ingestion

Health effects: How to identify causation?

Royal Society of Medicine hosts anniversary workshop on milestone work for environmental epidemiology by researcher Bradford Hill; commemorates his 1965 lecture ‘Environment and disease: Association or causation?’

BPA and BPS impair fertility

New study shows that BPA and substitute BPS disrupt reproduction of roundworms causing germline apoptosis and embryonic lethality

Walmart removes 8 chemicals of concern from products

U.S. retailer Walmart names 8 high priority chemicals its suppliers must phase out and find alternatives for; list includes among others formaldehyde, phthalates, nonylphenol exthoxylates, and parabens