BPA in various food products

Environmental Working Group launches database with over 16,000 food products possibly in contact with BPA-containing food packaging

BPA and hyperactivity in children

New study finds association between higher urinary BPA levels and prevalence of ADHD in U.S. children

Guidance for risk assessment of FCMs

EFSA’s proposal for new exposure estimates and next steps explained during 2nd International Conference on Food & Beverage Packaging in Rome

FSANZ: Proposal on chemical migration from packaging

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) announces stakeholder consultation for proposal ‘Chemical migration from packaging into food’; deadline August 5, 2016

Carcinogenicity of chemical mixtures

The Halifax Project assesses potential role of low-dose chemical mixtures in developing cancer

EDCs and reproductive aging

Animal study at National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark finds perinatal exposure to EDC mixtures leads to earlier reproductive aging in female rats

Are BPA analogues safe?

Scientists review data on exposure to and toxicity of bisphenol A (BPA) analogues BPAF, BPB, BPF, and BPS; highlight similar actions and increasing environmental presence of alternatives; call for comprehensive comparative analysis

RIVM annual report 2015

Annual report of Dutch institute for public health (RIVM) now available online

WHO: Chemicals impact public health

New report by World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 million deaths in 2012 occurred due to chemical exposure; provides examples of intervention and economic benefits of prevention

BPA and childhood obesity

New study finds association between prenatal BPA exposure and body fat outcomes in New York City children