Autism on the rise

New study analyzes number and wages of auxiliary health providers, finds increase in autism prevalence

Common biocides cause reproductive problems in mice

Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) used in food processing plants affect fertility and fecundity

EFSA: Acrylamide exposure from diet is of concern

EFSA publishes draft scientific opinion on acrylamide open for public consultation; concern from food contact material unclear

Sweden: 2015-2020 toxic-free strategy

Swedish Chemical Agency publishes 5 year toxic-free strategy; focus on food and drinking water, consumer products and vulnerable populations

New technique for measuring nanomaterial exposure

Researchers develop technique to visualize and analyze exposure to nanomaterials, may resolve difficulties in risk assessment of nanomaterials

Mapping the human exposome

New European project HELIX maps the early childhood exposome; growth, development and health

DEHP infant exposure may exceed safe levels

New study reviews literature on phthalate exposure and diet, estimates infant exposure to DEHP to exceed US EPA’s reference dose

PPTOX conference

Conference on environmental stressors in disease and human health implications to take place in October 2014

Opinion: Phthalates threaten male fertility

New York Times reports on phthalates, effect on fertility disproportionate for men

Project on the European exposome

New European Human Early-Life Exposome (HELIX) project to investigate prenatal environmental exposures and biomarkers of disease and child health outcomes