New FCM database linked to toxicity data

EC meets FCM stakeholders: new Council of Europe list of FCM substances, web application to facilitate DoC reporting

ACC: No causal link between BPA and miscarriage

ACC publishes press release in response to study linking BPA to miscarriage, argues that study cannot establish causal link

Transgenerational effects and EDCs

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on transgenerational effects of EDCs, new NIEHS research to investigate mechanisms and number of chemicals involved

Physicians to reduce patient chemical exposure

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists publishes opinion; physicians to advise patients on chemical risks and their reduction

BPA linked to breast cancer

BPA found to induce malignant mammary gland cancer in rats

Food contact chemical burden linked to wealth

New study linking chemical body to socioeconomic status, necessary to reduce chemical burden of the poor and the wealthy

NGO statement on child feeding and chemical residues

Non-profit organization IBFAN advises mothers to breastfeed irrespective of chemical burden, chemical contaminants present in both breast milk and infant foods

Chinese TV reports banned plasticizer in plastic food wrap

China Central TV collects plastic wrapped products in supermarkets, finds high levels of DEHA in majority of samples

ECETOC publishes report on dermal exposure

Dermal exposure assessment to complete chemical risk assessment

Experts call for more transparency on chemical data

Making raw data used in chemical evaluations publicly available would increase transparency of regulatory decisions