US EPA extends PV29 TSCA evaluation comment period

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) extends comment period for draft risk evaluation of C.I. Pigment Violet 29 (PV29) under its TSCA regulation; new draft adds previously confidential business data, solubility testing data, workplace air monitoring; concludes 11 of 14 conditions of use for PV29 pose unreasonable risk; toxicity debate ongoing also in Europe; EPA extends comment period for the revised draft until December 19, 2020

Japan identifies priority assessment substances

Ministries in Japan announce 15 new substances as priority assessment substances, 6 of which known to be used in food contact materials; requires annual reporting for import and manufacture

New version of FACET published

EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre releases updated version of FACET software enabling exposure estimations for food contact materials; free download available

P&P: Plastics track

Plastics track of Smithers Pira 2016 conference “Plastics & Paper in contact with foodstuffs” covers developments in sorting and recycling techniques, bioplastics, migration analysis, risk assessment of NIAS, and FCM packaging compliance

Inventory list for printed paper and board FCMs

Scientists compile inventory list of chemicals used in printed paper and board FCMs; 1,769 single substances are non-evaluated for their toxicity; of these, 19 substances with actual use confirmed by FACET are included in ECHA’s lists for substances of concern

Modeling of migration from LDPE

Scientists determine key parameters for modeling migration of benzophenone and several other contaminants from low density polyethylene into food simulants and foodstuffs; propose revision of worst-case scenario values

New FPF report: FACET exposure tool

FACET exposure tool models migrant exposure based on food consumption; tool lends itself to risk assessment; FPF discusses strengths and weaknesses

FACET goes online

Dietary exposure tool is now available online, allows the inclusion of new substances not covered in the pre-loaded database

New FCM database linked to toxicity data

EC meets FCM stakeholders: new Council of Europe list of FCM substances, web application to facilitate DoC reporting

Presentations from the FACET closing conference available online

FACET publishes the presentations on the latest dietary exposure tool, which had been presented at the closing conference in October