Toxic chemicals in articles made from recycled plastics

Article in The Guardian discusses contamination of children’s toys made from recycled materials with hazardous flame retardants; environmental organizations call for government action

Chemicals of concern in the circular economy

Scientists find one-fifth of brominated flame retardants’ content in recycling streams is transferred to new products; discuss trade-offs between consumer safety and resource efficiency; European officials maintain toxics can be managed within the circular economy

Six classes challenge

Science editorial presents the “Six classes challenge” – a campaign calling to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in products, focusing on entire classes rather than individual chemicals

Opinions: Toxic chemicals in everyday products

Article in New York Times outlines the issue of exposure to toxic chemicals from common products and the consequences for human health

Toxic chemicals in recycled materials

NGOs urge European Commission to ban recycling of materials containing toxic flame retardant DecaBDE, a chemical previously found in recycled plastic FCMs

EPA identifies alternatives for flame retardants

EPA publishes reports on alternatives for the brominated flame retardants HBCD and pentaBDE

Brominated flame retardants in European food contact materials

Black thermocups and kitchen utensils contaminated with brominated flame retardants from illicit recycling practices