Summary of latest EU events on FCMs

UK NGO CHEM Trust outlines EU Parliament investigation on FCM regulation, Food Packaging Forum workshop, Luxemburg FCM conference, EFSA public consultation on FCM opinion, fluorinated-free popcorn in Denmark

Popcorn without fluorinated chemicals

Retailer Coop Denmark introduces microwave oven popcorn containing no fluorinated substances in the food packaging, aims to phase out further chemicals of concern by 2017

Toxic chemicals in recycled paper and board

Danish researchers detect chemicals of concern in food packaging made from recycled paper and board; push for EU-wide regulation of paper and board food contact materials

Public consultations on BPA and PFOA

ECHA Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis holds public consultations on draft opinions for restriction of BPA in thermal paper and PFOA; deadline for comments is November 16, 2015

Chemicals of concern in pizza boxes

Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals tests pizza boxes and finds fluorocarbons and other chemicals of concern in all samples

Restriction of PFOA and BPA

ECHA Committee for Risk Assessment and Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis release opinions on restriction proposals for PFOA and BPA

Denmark limits fluorocarbons in food packaging

Danish Minister of the Environment and Food recommends lowered limit for fluorocarbons in food contact materials

PFOA in drinking water

New report by Environmental Working Group suggests that exposure to PFOA might not be safe at any level

PFAS in breast milk

Study shows that breast milk is major source of exposure to perfluorinated chemicals for infants; researchers express concern but do not discourage breastfeeding

Focus on perfluorinated chemicals

CHEM Trust summarizes concerns related to perfluorinated compounds, advocates for rapid phase out