Chemical biomarkers of breast cancer identified

New study points out breast cancer chemical biomarkers for breast cancer epidemiology, biomonitoring and prevention

EDC’s role in autism

New study searches for links between EDCs and autism; finds association between PFOA and the disease

Public consultation on PFOS and PFOA

US EPA opens public comment period on perfluorinated substances PFOS and PFOA, also used in food contact

New findings on polyfluorinated compounds

German Institute of Risk Assessment discusses polyfluorinated compounds at conference

Unknowns in chemical exposure

Wall Street Journal reports on persistent chemicals from consumer products, uncertainties in exposure and toxicity

PFC exposure may be linked to heart disease

New study investigates effects of perfluorinated compounds (PFC) exposure on the metabolism of overweight children

PFCs and early menopause

Environmental Health Perspectives reports on research into polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs); PFC burden may be caused by early menopause rather than the other way around

Shorter-chain perfluorinated alternatives

FPF reports on new Swiss study, reviews environmental releases, persistence and exposure of 20 perfluorinated chemical alternatives

Sweden adopts future chemicals policy

Sweden adopts new strategy towards a non-toxic environment, proposes to work on chemical groups to accelerate phase-out of dangerous substances

FCM substances ubiquitous in pubertal girls

Agence France-Presse reports on investigation of environmental causes of breast cancer; phthalates, BPA and pesticides found in all girls participating in study