137 chemicals in cord blood of Canadian newborns

Environmental Defence detects food contact substances in cord blood

New study investigates link between kidney function and PFOA

Perfluorinated compound may influence kidney function, could kidney function also influence perfluorinated compound exposure?

Polyfluorinated compounds in food packaging

The Food Packaging Forum reports on uses, risks and regulation

High exposure to perfluorinated compound linked to kidney, testicular cancer in humans

New epidemiological study finds association between high PFOA contamination in drinking water and kidney and testicular cancer, confirming earlier research

PFOA linked to kidney cancer, testicular cancer in humans

FPF reports on new epidemiological study that investigates the association between kidney cancer, testicular cancer and exposure to perfluorinated compound

Perfluorinated compounds linked to reproductive health outcome

Danish study links in utero exposure to PFAAs to lower semen quality and changes in reproductive hormone levels

PFOS exposure reduced through phase-out, but substitute on the rise

Study of 13 PFAAs shows that while PFOS levels in blood serum have rapidly declined since the phase out in 2002, PFBS levels are now doubling every 6 years.

Analysis of food-packaging migrants: Review of the state-of-the-art

A scientific review article published in the peer-reviewed journal Trends in Analytical Chemistry describes recent advances in the analysis of food packaging migrants.

Maternal PFCs levels linked to growth and development in British girls

British study links maternal polyfluoroalkyl compounds to postnatal growth and development of girls.