Review assesses 20 years of food safety research

Integrative review analyzes recent scientific advances in food and environmental safety; scientometric analysis reveals increasing multidisciplinary interest between 2001 and 2020; finds contaminants and environmentally friendly food packaging as emerging research topics in the field of food safety

REFUCOAT develops recyclable, active packaging

EU Horizon 2020 Project REFUCOAT develops three packaging materials to reduce plastic waste and food loss, uses bacteriophage-based coating to reduce Salmonella proliferation in chicken breast, more efficient synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and polyglycolide (PGA)

Report investigates greenhouse gas emissions, packaging, and food waste

National Zero Waste Council (NZWC) reviews 4 packaging materials across 12 product types, examines how packaging can be optimized to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by both preventing food waste and minimizing material packaging waste

Klosters Forum podcast features FPF director

Latest episode of the Feed and Flourish podcast developed by The Klosters Forum discusses food packaging and the global food system with Jane Muncke from the Food Packaging Forum; examines interconnectedness of global issues, steps consumers can take

Studies investigate environmental impacts and trends of food packaging

Two peer-reviewed studies from researchers in the Netherlands and Sweden explore the environmental impacts of and trends related to reusable packaging, the role of food packaging in preventing food waste

Date labels on packaging confuse consumers

Printed dates on food packaging found to be confusing for U.S. consumers and lead to food waste; date labels often communicate quality rather than safety; calls exist for further standardization