Irish population not at risk from chemicals in food

Irish Food Safety Authority conducts total diet study and finds exposure of country’s population to chemical contaminants in food is low and not of health concern

BPA and fertility treatment

Exposure to BPA reduces successful IVF treatments, studies find; eating soy may protect women from BPA’s adverse reproductive effects, according to most recent study

Opinion: FDA reviews needed

Survey finds consumers increasingly value safety and transparency in their food; Tom Neltner argues that meeting these demands necessitates FDA review of all food product ingredients

Australians’ exposure to food packaging chemicals is low

Food standards agency of Australia and New Zealand tests foods and beverages for 30 packaging chemicals; half of chemicals detected at low levels (ppm/ppb) in tested samples

Chemical migration from plastic containers

Danish consumer council tests plastic lunch boxes and food containers; no chemicals of concern detected; some containers showed considerable overall chemical migration into warm fatty foods

FDA: FCMs subject to import verification rule

U.S. Food and Drug Administration decides that also food contact substances in imported food need to be compliant with U.S. standards

Microplastics in table salt

News study finds micrcoplastics in sea salts, lake salts, and rock/well salts commercially available in China; other contamination sources in addition to plastic ocean pollution likely

Workshop on EDCs in the food chain

Swedish Chemicals Agency and Swedish National Food Agency hold workshop on endocrine active substances in food on November 3, 2015 in Uppsala, Sweden; registration open until October 20, 2015

Web stream available for EFSA conference

EFSA conference on food safety on October 14-16, 2015 in Milan, Italy can be followed live via web stream; questions for Q&A sessions can be submitted via Twitter or EFSA-Expo website

EFSA conference on food safety

EFSA hosts 2nd scientific conference on food safety on October 14-16, 2015 in Milan, Italy