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BfR statement on bamboo cups and tableware

German institute for risk assessment publishes position statement on melamine-formaldehyde resins, including tableware made with bamboo fibers; warns consumers against using such tableware with hot liquids; recommends lowering specific migration limit of formaldehyde in EU regulation from 15 to 6 mg/kg

EU commission calls for additional FCM testing

European Commission asks EU member states to carry out additional tests to determine prevalence of substance migration from food contact materials and articles; recommendation targets primary aromatic amines, bisphenols, plasticizers, and fluorinated compounds

Considerations on reusable coffee to go cups

BfR answers frequently asked questions about reusable coffee to go cups, addresses hygiene aspects, discusses suitable materials

Melamine’s effects beyond kidney

Scoping review identifies potential health effects of melamine other than renal damage, including impacts on neurological functions, behavior, reproduction, and growth

Formaldehyde and melamine migration from tableware

Italian scientists investigate migration of formaldehyde and melamine from children’s tableware made of melaware and other amino resins; specific and overall migration limits exceeded in some products; aging increases migration; migration cannot be predicted from product’s appearance

High migration rates from melamine after microwave heating

Melamine derivatives formed and released from tableware after microwaving

Opinion: food contact materials are safe

American Chemistry Council responds to Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health commentary, calls it ‘inflammatory commentary’

Food contact materials: more epidemiological research needed

Call for more epidemiological research on long term consequences for public health of chemicals leaching from food packaging materials

US States consider new chemical policies for 2014

33 US States to address untested toxic chemicals; compounds include FCM substances

U.S. state senate kills new priority chemicals bill

Maine Senate votes to reject bill listing potential priority chemicals, bill considered a sham by Environmental Health groups and Democrats

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