Opinion: GRAS overhaul is not a priority issue

Legal consultant reviews GRAS debate in major newspaper, GRAS review is of less importance than heart disease, obesity and economic issues

Nature: FDA to issue GRAS guidance

The science journal editorial comments that US oversight of food additives is contaminated, FDA responds with new guidance plans

Toxicologists respond to Pew Trusts studies

Food Navigator USA article addresses food additive system criticism, states the analysis lacks differentiation

Safety of food additives questioned

Knowledge gaps for 80% of food additives, including food contact substances, hinder proper safety assessment and may be a public health problem, finds new study by The Pew Charitable Trusts scientists

GRAS: Financial conflicts of interest ubiquitous

New study investigates conflicts of interest in GRAS determinations of food additives, no independent expert panels

Workshop: How to deal with conflicts of interest in GRAS determinations?

NGO organizes workshop on potential conflicts of interest in GRAS determinations, possibility to join via free webcast

Safety of Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) substances

Environmental Health Perspectives publishes a comment on the US’ regulatory process of food additives

U.S.: Discordance on self-affirmed GRAS substances

Lack of information for self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) substances has been highlighted by scientists of the public interest group PEW Charitable Trust in the US. Now the industry reacts by making available a database with manufacturers self-determined GRAS substances, used in food contact materials and/or food. Critics maintain that this effort is insufficient, and that a proper safety assessment needs to be carried out by the regulator instead.