Canadian identification of low hazard substances

Health Canada publishes updated document to support identification of substances with low human health hazard potential; application demonstrated through subset of 14 substances

Film about Marketplace platform

NGO ChemSec releases short film to bring attention to Marketplace, online resource for buyers and suppliers of safer chemical alternatives

Database of plastic packaging chemicals

New scientific publication by Food Packaging Forum researchers and partners presents database of chemicals associated with plastic packaging (CPPdb) in detail

REACH data insufficient to classify carcinogens and mutagens

RIVM scientists find data required by REACH to be insufficient for classifying category 1B carcinogens and mutagens according to criteria set by Classification, Labeling and Packaging legislation

Chemical Hazard Data Commons

U.S. NGO Healthy Building Network launches free online resource Chemical Hazard Data Commons aggregating hazard determinations for over 85 000 substances, aimed to facilitate substitution of hazardous chemicals

Chemicals associated with plastic packaging

Study compiles database of chemicals associated with plastic packaging (CPPdb); at least 148 substances highly hazardous, many untested or unknown

U.S. hearing on international cancer research agency

U.S. Congress hearing on International Agency on the Research for Cancer addresses future funding; critics question agency’s scientific integrity; defenders talk of industry-lead campaign to discredit IARC’s monographs on carcinogens program