India allows recycled plastics in food contact

India overturns 2016 amendment to Plastic Waste Management Rules; recycled plastics now allowed in food contact applications; change went into effect six days after official notification was posted

Update: India’s ban on single-use plastic items

India officially adopts Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2021; bans import, manufacture, and sale of plastic candy and ice cream sticks, plates, cups, cutlery, trays, and certain wrapping films after July 1, 2022

India plans ban on single-use plastic items

Government authority publishes draft ban set to come into force in three phases; would ban import, manufacture, and sale of plastic candy and ice cream sticks after January 1, 2022; expands ban to include plates, cups, cutlery, trays, certain wrapping films after July 1, 2022; proposal open for public comment until May 2021

Survey reveals Asian consumers’ concerns on packaging sustainability

Consultancy McKinsey & Company presents results from survey on consumers’ attitudes towards packaging and concerns around sustainability in ten emerging markets; finds greatest consumer concern in China, India and Indonesia; suggests as first action to decrease packaging complexity, reduce unnecessary packaging, exchange multi- with mono-layer materials

India plans to test FCMs for BPA

Government authority announces planned survey of food contact materials (FCMs) to test for presence of bisphenol A (BPA); results to be used to develop regulatory framework including maximum allowable content, leaching limits, tolerable daily intake

Indian state of Tamil Nadu bans primary plastic packaging

Government announces ban with immediate effect on all packaging where integral parts are plastic; expands current restrictions and includes plastic wrappers and pouches; any alternative plastic packaging must be compostable and approved by state board

Indian officials to review plastic FCMs

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to lead committee reviewing latest national food packaging and labeling regulations, focus on open concerns regarding plastic food contact materials and lack of testing protocols