Gaps in risk assessment of nanopigments

EU Observatory for Nanomaterias reviews knowledge on hazard and risk assessment of nano-sized pigments, finds information gaps, calls for further research, increased reporting transparency

Heavy metals in color printed glasses

Czech environmental organization finds high levels of lead and cadmium in color printing of drinking glasses

German printing ink regulation progresses

Germany notifies EU Commission of new draft regulation for printed food contact materials; final decision not before October 6, 2016

Mineral oils in chocolate bars

Foodwatch study finds contamination of chocolate products and potato chips with mineral oils; call for strict limit levels in food and mandatory use of functional barriers

Lead in children’s mugs

Czech environmental organization finds high levels of lead in color printing of china and glass dishes for children

SIN list update

ChemSec adds 18 new substances of very high concern to SIN List; update includes 2 UV-filters permitted in packaging inks; all substances already included in REACH Candidate List

Migration from printing inks in multilayer FCMs

Scientists analyze printing inks migration in multilayer materials; use of overprint varnish or placement under PET layer decreases migration of ink components but may introduce other migrants

Print-related food contaminants

Identity and set-off assessed for print-related contaminants by three different mass spectrometry methods; most compounds show evidence for set-off

Toxic chemicals in recycled paper and board

Danish researchers detect chemicals of concern in food packaging made from recycled paper and board; push for EU-wide regulation of paper and board food contact materials

Inks found to migrate out of FCMs

New study finds 24 substances originating from inks to migrate from two food contact materials