Heavy metals in color printed glasses

Czech environmental organization finds high levels of lead and cadmium in color printing of drinking glasses

Scientific consensus on environmental neurotoxins

Project TENDR consensus statement calls for action against environmental chemicals affecting children’s brains and contributing to disorders such as autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities

WHO: Chemicals impact public health

New report by World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 million deaths in 2012 occurred due to chemical exposure; provides examples of intervention and economic benefits of prevention

Lead in children’s mugs

Czech environmental organization finds high levels of lead in color printing of china and glass dishes for children

Heavy metals in Indian plastic bottles

Mumbay-based NGO tests plastic bottles and finds elevated heavy metal levels; NGO now demands ban of plastic bottles used as packaging

Lead linked to weight gain in mice

Study linked lead exposure of pregnant mice to obesity in offspring

Avoiding drinking water from garden hoses

CBC news advises against drinking water from garden hoses; may leach phthalates, BPA & lead above drinking water standards

Korean children have excessive levels of lead and BPA

Korean Ministry of Environment publishes chemical exposure report; BPA levels twice as high as elsewhere

Coffee makers release lead

German risk assessment institute reports excessive lead migration from coffee and espresso makers, highest migration from portafilter machines

NGO lists dirty dozen of EDCs

Environmental Working Group publishes list of worst endocrine disruptors, recommendation on how to avoid them