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EU Enforcement Action Plan on bamboo additives in plastic FCMs

European Commission and EU Member States agree to launch an EU Enforcement Action Plan on bamboo powder-containing plastic food contact materials (FCMs) to ensure that bamboo and other illegal plant-based additives are not marketed in the EU

Benelux demand market withdrawal of bamboo plastics

Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands (Benelux) publish joint letter calling for market withdrawal of ‘bamboo melamine plastics’; reminds readers that products do not comply with article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 10/2011; Benelux national authorities plan to reinforce market controls from second quarter of 2021, pursue violators

ECHA RAC: New hazard classification melamine and BPS

European Chemicals Agency’s Risk Assessment Committee (ECHA RAC) agrees on classifications of bisphenol S as category 1b reproductive toxicant, melamine as category 2 carcinogen

ChemSec: Melamine key PMT chemical of concern

NGO discusses the growing interest and concern over melamine, suggests it might become ‘poster child’ for persistent, mobile, and toxic (PMT) substances

BfR statement on bamboo cups and tableware

German institute for risk assessment publishes position statement on melamine-formaldehyde resins, including tableware made with bamboo fibers; warns consumers against using such tableware with hot liquids; recommends lowering specific migration limit of formaldehyde in EU regulation from 15 to 6 mg/kg

Re-useable bamboo cups tested and criticized

German consumer organization finds high levels of melamine and formaldehyde migration from re-useable bamboo-based cups, condemns misleading labeling advertising them as recyclable and eco-friendly

Discussion on FCMs containing bamboo

EU Commission Working Group identifies increasing number of plastic food contact materials containing natural additives such as bamboo or corn; cautions business operators regarding misleading advertising, requirement that only authorized substances should be used in plastic layers

IARC: melamine possibly carcinogenic

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies melamine as possibly carcinogenic to humans

EU commission calls for additional FCM testing

European Commission asks EU member states to carry out additional tests to determine prevalence of substance migration from food contact materials and articles; recommendation targets primary aromatic amines, bisphenols, plasticizers, and fluorinated compounds

Thailand proposes standard for FCMs

Thailand notifies WTO of future mandatory standard for thermoset plastics derived from formaldehyde

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