Melamine’s effects beyond kidney

Scoping review identifies potential health effects of melamine other than renal damage, including impacts on neurological functions, behavior, reproduction, and growth

Formaldehyde and melamine migration from tableware

Italian scientists investigate migration of formaldehyde and melamine from children’s tableware made of melaware and other amino resins; specific and overall migration limits exceeded in some products; aging increases migration; migration cannot be predicted from product’s appearance

High migration rates from melamine after microwave heating

Melamine derivatives formed and released from tableware after microwaving

NGO statement on child feeding and chemical residues

Non-profit organization IBFAN advises mothers to breastfeed irrespective of chemical burden, chemical contaminants present in both breast milk and infant foods

Microbial environment influences chemical toxicity

Environmental Health Perspectives draws general conclusions from study about gut bacteria and melamine

Melamine’s toxicity linked to gut bacteria

Microbiological intestinal breakdown to cyanuric acid a plausible explanation for kidney stone formation, according to a new scientific study

Biomonitoring of melamine after plastic bowl use

Taiwanese researchers measure increased levels of melamine in people after consumption of a hot soup from melamine plastic table ware