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Thailand proposes standard for FCMs

Thailand notifies WTO of future mandatory standard for thermoset plastics derived from formaldehyde

Key chemicals of concern in food packaging

Environmental Defense Fund publishes list of key chemicals of concern in food packaging and food handling equipment

EU considers new calculation rules

New calculation methodology for recycling under discussion by EU; could impact actual recycling rates in meeting set 2030 targets

Lead and arsenic in food contact paper

Low migration of lead and arsenic measured in food contact paper bought in Korea; resulting human exposure estimated to be within safe levels

Aluminum migration from baking foils

Scientists measure leaching of aluminum into baked meat; higher amounts transferred from simple foil compared to foil with baking paper on inner surface

Cadmium in decorated glassware

Review of cadmium pigments in consumer products; food-contact relevant sources include small quantities in recycled plastics, high use in ceramic products, main exposure risk from decorative paint used on drinkware

Metals in paints on chopsticks

Scientists investigate metals in paints on chopsticks; total concentrations variable with some high values reported, resulting in ‘unacceptable’ health risks for exposure due to incidental paint ingestion or metal migration into food

New market research on single-use plastics

Financial institution Citi publishes report on risks and opportunities in single-use plastics, discusses alternative materials metal, glass, paper

Germany to adapt assessment of metals for water contact

German economic and energy ministry to amend assessment of metals for drinking water contact, adds copper-tin-phosphorus alloys to positive list

Enameled grill racks release metals

German risk assessment institute evaluates migration of 10 metals from grill racks and trays; some products released considerable quantities of aluminum, antimony, arsenic, nickel

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